HypnoShaping with Larry Dillenbeck


HypnoShaping with Larry Dillenbeck is a totally unique approach to achieving your ideal size and shape. Using the powerful change methodologies of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mindful eating, and other strategies you will learn how to align your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to be the size and shape you want to be.

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    Course Objectives

    In this course, you will learn:

    • How to communicate with your unconscious mind with self-hypnosis so that ‘you transform unwanted habitual eating patterns.
    • How to eat consciously, mindfully and intentionally so that you enjoy food much, much more and eat for healthy reasons.
    • About the seven different kinds of hunger and how to appropriately nourish each kind of hunger.
    • How to manage your emotions directly rather than using food to change your mood.
    • How to make small changes in your eating and activity that result in big changes over time.
    • How to listen to your body wisdom and teach your body and metabolism to process food differently.
    • How to develop a loving, healthy relationship with your body and body image.
    • How to harness internal resources to increase your motivation and commitment to look and feel at your best!

    Course Outline

    1. Module 1: Self-Hypnosis Overview
      1. Introduction
      2. Course Objectives
      3. Conscious-Unconscious Functions (Part 1)
      4. Conscious-Unconscious Functions (Part 2)
      5. Conscious-Unconscious Functions (Part 3)
      6. Conscious-Unconscious Functions (Part 4)
      7. Trance and Suggestion
      8. Trance Depths (Part 1)
      9. Trance Depths (Part 2)
      10. Structuring Suggestions
      11. Self Hypnosis Process
    2. Module 2: The Seven Hungers
      1. Introduction to The Seven Hungers
      2. Eye Hunger
      3. Nose Hunger
      4. Mouth Hunger
      5. Stomach Hunger
      6. Cellular Hunger
      7. Mind Hunger
      8. Heart Hunger
      9. Working with The Seven Hungers
    3. Module 3: Additional Strategies and Techniques
    4. Module 4: Neuro-Linguistic Programming
      1. NLP Accessing and Anchoring States
      2. NLP Anchor-Integration Process
      3. NLP Swish Process
      4. Course Review and Summary
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    Larry Dillenbeck

    Total Video Length

    2 hours 8 minutes