Journeys co-founders and partners Lisa Solterback and Torrii Rogers celebrating the purchase of Journeys’ new building.

We are a holistic health center. A center for your soul.

We believe everyone is already whole and complete, but sometimes might need a little help coming back to a place of loving themselves fully. We are here to show you how to get back to that place.

Our physical location is Salem, Oregon. We strive to be a place in the community that people can go to fall back in love with themselves. We have a free lending library and offer free tea and coffee to everyone who steps into our store. We love all creatures and have our very own shop kitty, Virgil.

If you’re ever in the area, please stop by and say hello to our Journeys family!

The People

Lisa Solterbeck

Co-Founder, Practitioner

I see clients full-time as a licensed clinical social worker, hypnotherapist, and intiutive empath, create products to sell in our store, and write books.

Torrii Rogers

Co-Founder, Business Manager

I work closely with our partners to bring the best service to clients and the most amazing crystals and energy jewelry into the shop.

Elaine Holcomb

Store Manager

I love cats (a lot), crystals, and helping people along their journey wherever and whenever I can.

Laureana Arellano

Executive Assistant

My passion is working towards collective healing through community organization. In my free time I enjoy exploring with my Great Dane, Luna, and my partner, Lupe.

Alex Goodman

Retail Sales

I enjoy the little things in life, whether it’s plucking my guitar strings, searching for beach treasures, or sipping an evening cup of tea. I’m proud to be a part of Journeys and I hope to be able to aid in yours.

Abby Welborn


I love being able to work in a holistic health setting where all people are welcomed and accepted. If I am not at work, I am probably hanging out with my dog or at the coast.

Zach Zappe

Reception and Tech Support

I love spirituality, crystals, and tea, and I love working in a place where I can have all three.

The Space

craftsman-style building with grass and large tree in the background
large deck on back of building with open garage-style doors
people with masks on pouring and drinking champagne
Celebrating our new building purchase with our agent and friends.
boutique style products and bohemian shelves
The inside of our retail store.
two blue chairs near craftsman-style staircase
Just a nice little waiting area for our clients.
selenite castles, wands, and other items on shelves
artsy folded shirts
a board with chicken wire and notes attached with clothes pins
Our blessings board for sending wishes and wants into the world.
cat tea pet with tea pot
massage chair
Take a seat in our relaxing massage chair.
store chairs
sage in a bowl
a room with an eclectic sofa and chair
One of our practitioner’s offices.

And The Cat

Meet our shop kitty, Virgil