Every soul has a journey.
Let us be part of yours.

Shop Local, Shop SmallLooking for local vendors

Are you a local vendor who would like a day to celebrate you and your craft? Journeys is celebrating local small businesses on Saturday, November 25th. Come take part and share your wonderful wares with our community.

Contact Torrii for more information:

A center for holistic care and counseling

Whether you are seeking individual therapy, counseling for children and adolescents, medication management, massage therapy, or general life support, our team can provide the services you need.

A center for connection and learning

Join us for virtual workshops, fairs, and support groups on topics ranging from pandemic parenting to CPR to practical magic.

A center for magical gifts and local creations

We work closely with local businesses and individual creators to connect you with health and spirituality products. Find an assortment of jewelry, sage, crystals, tarot cards, books, and body care items in-store or online.