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Azeztulite Ring


Golden azeztulite ring set in sterling silver. Size 11.5.

  • Golden azeztulite supports the brain and nervous system. It seems to stimulate the pineal gland, bringing forth a variety of positive and pleasurable effects. Golden azeztulite facilitates inner states of euphoria, bliss, joy and ecstatic rapture. They can help heal old patterns of limitation brought about by emotional wounds. This stone can open the heart, third eye and crown chakras, stimulating them to much higher levels of activity.

    Golden azeztulite can engender visionary experience, time travel, interdimensional communication and Light Body activation. It offers energetic support to the brain and nervous system. It can be used to help release programs of fear or shame that are stored in your brain. Golden azeztulite is able to assist you in understanding how others are feeling.

    Note: Crystal meanings and uses are for spiritual support and are not intended as health information or advice.

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