Empath Shield Protective Aura Spray for Sensitives


From the creator: As an introvert and empath, I often find myself depleted from the constant bombardment of feeling other people's energy, daily social interaction, noise, lights. Too much of …everything.

When this happens, its easy for me to turn into a version of myself I'm not really keen on.



So, this spray was created as a way to regroup, reground and make what I like to call a "bullsh*t deflecting shield".

So many people I speak with feel like they need a cozy bubble of boundaries they can feel good in. I got you.

Not an introvert? You can still benefit from this spray's calming effects by spraying yourself and setting intentions for releasing anxiety, stress, negativity- my favorite is before a bath or crawling into bed.

SCENT PROFILE: Quite honestly, there is nothing like this fragrance. Its utterly unique, herbal, resinous, complex.

COMMON SENSE DERP: For linen use only- don't be spraying your eyes, your mouth, your nether regions. Not intended for use on kids, pets, raccoons…etc.

INGREDIENTS: Water, alcohol, proprietary essential oil blend

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