Kundalini: Your Sex Energy Transformed


Kundalini: Your Sex Energy Transformed is the roadmap of the inner journey that Swami Paramananda has sketched out for humanity. Discover the hidden power within each human being and learn how to transform it to attain cosmic consciousness!

Many will question the relationship between sex and spirituality, especially those who regard everything related to sex as taboo. But do you view your blood as taboo? Then why should your sex energy be considered as such? Ignorance of its sacredness and potentials has led to the downfall of humanity. It is time to grow beyond prejudices, obsessions and ignorance; it is time to evolve towards a higher level of consciousness.

Swami Paramananda, the author of Theists and Atheists: both are blind, offers us an unparalleled insight into this mysterious dimension by sharing his own experiences with us. It is a very rare blessing indeed to learn about the kundalini from an enlightened being who has actually lived its awakening and ascent to the ultimate attainment.

"You see only sex, I see only energy.

You see its gross and crude state; I see its energy and conscious state.

You live sex and die a pauper; I transform sex energy

and celebrate cosmic existence as a blissful king!"

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