Zombie Nation: From Folklore to Modern Frenzy


Go on a hunt for the facts, folklore, and fiction about zombies from the 1800s to popular culture. The evolution of the zombie is explored in depth and includes historic accounts as well as a peek into the current craze. From whispered stories in voodoo legends and experiments in reanimation performed in the 1800s to recent events that allude to the scary possibility that such creatures really exist, you are in for a wild ride. Take a look at George Romero’s many contributions to the popularity of the living undead, with films such as Night of the Living Dead. Go inside with the incredibly popular AMC television series, The Walking Dead. Read interviews from people who are involved directly with zombie-mania, such as those who sell themed goods, ranging from bleeding mannequin zombie targets to Zombie Max ammunition. Visit with frenzied groups like the Zombie Squad featured on the History Channel or take a stroll in Zombie Walks taking place around the world. You can even learn to use makeup to become a zombie yourself! All in all, it's a good day to be undead.
112 pages | Hardcove

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