You’re More Than Your Sun Sign | Full Series


In this 4-episode series, Jungian Karmic Astrologer Mary Jo Wevers provides an overview of astrology for those newly interested in astrology, as well as for more advanced students. Mary Jo presents key features of the astrological chart, or horoscope,what they represent, and methods used to understand and synthesize chart elements.She shares her approach for interpreting and finding meaning in the chart from a dynamic, holistic perspective.

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    1. Episode 1: An Overview of the Planets in Astrology
      In this episode, Mary Jo talks about the planets, the ‘Who’ of the astrological chart. The celestial bodies in our solar system represent archetypal forces, processes, urges and functions in the human psyche. They have a range of expressions from the highest and most productive, to the shadow side. Length: 43 minutes
    2. Episode 2: An Overview of Signs and Houses
      In this episode, Mary Jo talks about the signs and the houses in astrology. The signs are the ‘How’ in the astrological chart. She presents an energetic model of the signs which defines their expression. The houses are the ‘Where’ in the astrological chart, and correspond to different areas of life. Length: 51 minutes
    3. Episode 3: Astrology’s Sacred Geometry - Aspects in the Chart
      In this episode, Mary Jo talks about aspects in astrology. They are the sacred geometry of the chart and describe relationships between planets and other chart features. They reveal dynamics and potential interactions, how they get along. She explains how aspects are calculated and interpreted. She provides examples of how they can be used with transit and progressed charts. Length: 1 hour 2 minutes
    4. Episode 4: Methods for Astrological Chart Interpretation
      In this episode, Mary Jo talks about approaches used in astrology to tie the components of the chart together, to see it as a dynamic, unified whole. She talks about ways to begin looking at a chart to get an overall sense of it, before honing in on details. She presents the technique of dispositing to the planetary ruler of a sign, and explains intercepted signs, mutual receptions, and retrograde planets. Length: 54 minutes
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