The Art of Tarot: Full Course


Learn the tarot from tarot-expert Karen Campbell! Aside from discussing the meanings of every card in the typical tarot deck, Karen teaches you how to better learn and acquaint yourself with the tarot through journaling. In each video, Karen also provides sample card readings and spreads that you can learn from and practice on your own.

In addition, each suit has its’ own focus or theme that provides a unique perspective to learn and draw from: The Wands and numerology/the chakras; The Cups and non-violent communication; The Swords and intelligence; and The Pentacles and stewardship.

Come learn The Art of the Tarot and bless your life today!

  • Upon purchase (an account and login required), you will gain access to the videos, which are hosted on our website, and are available for viewing at any time.

    There are 6 videos in total:

    The Major Arcana Pt. 1
    The Major Arcana Pt. 2
    The Cups
    The Wands
    The Swords
    The Pentacles

    Total run-time adds up to about 5.5 hours.