Mercury And Retrogrades Video Course Bundle


You have probably heard about Mercury retrogrades, but did you know other planets also have retrograde periods? Purchase all three classes for a more complete understanding of archetypal Mercury and the significance of its retrogrades, as well as the retrograde cycles for other planets. Learn why each retrograde period is unique and how to determine the potential effects of a specific planetary retrograde. Find out how retrograde planets function in the natal horoscope, and how to align with them energetically in transit and in the birth chart.

Get all three videos by Jungian Karmic Astrology Mary Jo Wevers together!

Upon purchase, you will gain access to this course, and all included handouts. The videos are stored and watchable on our website, no download needed.

  • Mercury: Our Information Filter to The World
    In this class, Jungian Karmic Astrologer Mary Jo Wevers discusses the meaning and function of the planet Mercury in the astrological chart. She presents archetypal Mercury in mythology and how it is interpreted in astrology. She describes the energetic function and expression of Mercury according to polarity, modality, element, and in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. She discusses further considerations when interpreting Mercury in the horoscope. Mary Jo shares her thoughts about why understanding Mercury in the chart is important and provides applications in life.
    Mercury Retrogrades: What Are They and What Can I Do About Them?
    In this class Mary Jo Wevers, Jungian Karmic Astrologer, talks about Mercury retrogrades. She gives a brief review of archetypal Mercury in astrology and presents Mercury’s retrograde cycle. She discusses astrological interpretations of this planetary phenomenon and ways we can prepare for it and align with it energetically. Mary Jo presents the upcoming Mercury retrograde in April-May 2023, and using it as an example, explains how to determine how a particular Mercury retrograde may affect you.
    Interpreting Retrograde Planets in Astrology
    In this class Mary Jo Wevers, Jungian Karmic Astrologer, discusses the planetary phenomenon called retrograde motion. She provides a brief review of the planets and their archetypal representation in astrology, and then explains the retrograde motion of planets across the zodiac and its symbolic meaning. She describes the three phases of planetary movement through the Shadow Area of the zodiac in the retrograde cycle and provides suggestions for productively aligning with the energy of each phase. Mary Jo discusses how to determine the influence of a retrograde transit on a horoscope by sign and house. She presents ways to interpret retrograde planets found in birth charts.