Lisa Solterbeck LCSW, CHT, Intuitive Empath

I’m a non-traditional therapist who works with the mind-body-spirit connection.

Currently offering In-Person SessionsVideo Sessions and Phone Sessions

Treatment Approach

I help individuals move through blocked energy using the modality of Essence Illumination. Essence Illumination is a process that explores and illuminates the essence of who you are. It takes the perspective all people are whole and complete, yet may have barriers or blocks around the expression of their higher selves.

This modality is expressed in love and the full understanding that we do not "heal" anyone, we just hold a sacred space where the blocked energy can be released. I am honored to help you realign to your true self. Even if you struggle knowing who you are, I can see your essence and will help illuminate it so that you can see just what changes need to be made.


As a child, I was raised by a loving yet very religious family. I had many fears around God, salvation, and trying to wrap my head around truth. I always knew I was meant to love at the deepest level, and found it incredibly difficult to be in a world that had so many closed hearts. I knew there was a place of balance, where everyone was equal, where there was no separation. I couldn’t find it in those I learned from. They seemed to suffer in their own quiet way. They held themselves back from speaking their truth, they didn’t give themselves what they wanted or needed, and they lacked the full range of emotions.

When I was in my early twenties I “came out” and was forced to face my fear of not being accepted as I was. I was able to see that my worth didn’t come from acceptance by others but by acceptance of myself. This has given me a unique perspective on being able to love people as they are. The more I work on self-love, the more I have the honor of guiding others to the place of love.

My background as a social worker guided me into grief and loss work. Through many years of experience with hospice and my private practice, I gained the words and the humbling acceptance of being with the raw truth of grief. I set a sacred space for clients to hold their pain, their fear of the unknown, the loss of control, the memories, and the love they held dear. As I worked with these individuals, I started to see they were no longer haunted by their grief, but transformed by their clarity of the message that the experience offered them. Most were just afraid to sit within their pain to see if there was truly a bottom or an end to the hurting. Thankfully there was, and most of the time it was a quick process, once they committed through intention to the passage.

This work made me so curious as to why I suffered like those I served. As I explored, I found my journey led me to a much deeper fear within myself, one where I questioned my value, my worth, my goodness, badness, and if I was lovable. These stages of my life drove me into intense healing work with multiple teachers, each wise with a kernel of truth that touched my soul. This powerful work brought me to a place of knowing that I am a brilliant light that can be loved just as I am. I now have an understanding that living small does not serve me, or those I love. Knowing that offering my gifts with conditions is ego. Knowing I am not the director of my life, I am the one who is blessed to live it!

From this journey, I now know that I am a channel of that divine wisdom; my mission is to reunite all who are ready, back to the universal truth. I hold the space that is required, where one can fall in love with self. There is no one that is unlovable. It’s just a fear of journeying inward to see for yourself. I am not afraid to take you there!


I see clients for mental health counseling and spiritual support and readings. My areas of specialty are grief and loss, trauma, purpose work, and self-fulfillment.

I am also available for outside group events, trainings, and speaking engagements.


  • Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (license # L4474), Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Experience: Over thirty years experience working with seniors, adults, adolescents, children and developmentally delayed persons.
  • Education: M.S. in Social Work from Portland State University, B.S. in Psychology with minors in Health and Sociology from Western Oregon University

Additional Services

Lisa Solterbeck’s passion extends beyond her private practice. In addition to counseling individuals and families, she is available for group events, trainings, and speaking engagements.

Private Healing Circles

120 minutes | Up to 10 people | $125 per person*

Healing circles can help groups heal, learn, and communicate more effectively. The small, intimate nature of a private healing circle is ideal for groups of friends, family, or co-workers.

Drawing on her twenty years of experience as a counselor, Lisa Solterbeck will create a beautiful welcoming space for the circle, facilitate deep and personal learning, and ensure a safe experience for all circle members.

*Not including travel expenses.

House Blessings

$300 per hour | Must be within 20 miles of Salem, Oregon

House blessings are often done for homeowners who move into a new home, for people experiencing paranormal happenings, or for those who want to know the story of the house and the land.

To perform a house blessing, Lisa Solterbeck will walk through the house with you and listen intuitively to what is there or has been there while partner Torrii Rogers follows with sage smudging. The process usually takes a few hours.

Public Speaking Engagements

$500 per hour for small groups (fewer than 10 people) | $750 per hour for large groups (10+ people)

Lisa has been an invited speaker at various universities, small businesses, hospitals, and non-profit groups, including Amerititle, Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service, Rainbow Youth, Marion County Community Action Agency, Oregon Weatherization Assistance Program, Western Oregon University, Portland State University, Chemeketa Small Business Office, Willamette Valley Hospice, Salem Hospital, and Marion County Juvenile Department.

Common speaking topics for Lisa include grief and loss, diversity, workplace conflict, bridging leadership and employees, equality, and healing.

Clinical Supervision

50 minutes | $175 for individual supervision | $75 per person for group supervision

Part of our mission at Journeys is to encourage and inspire growth among fellow practitioners. Lisa Solterbeck supports trainee mental health professionals by providing the oversight and support of a more experienced provider.

As a licensed clinical social worker, Lisa Solterbeck is qualified to provide the clinical supervision hours all mental health providers need to become licensed in Oregon.