I work with clients on a deeply personal level, which allows the sessions to move quickly from superficial issues to the root of the problem. This is where lasting change takes place.

Treatment Approach

I'll be honest... change is hard! Life transitions, like divorce, new jobs, and moving can take their toll, especially if you don't have the support and tools to cope with moving forward. This is what I offer – authentic support that meets your needs in a way that allows you to dream again and step into who you were meant to be. Together, we will get to the root, bring healing and lasting change.


Healing Pathways Counseling

I was in my early 30’s when I literally woke up one morning and decided I was done feeling miserable. I knew my life wasn’t at all what I had envisioned when I first got married and later had kids.

While I loved being a wife and mother, I realized that something was missing, and I found myself at a crossroad. I could stay stuck in a life that felt mediocre at best, or I could step into the unknown and see what might be waiting on the other side. This began a somewhat painful process of self-evaluation, healing from past wounds, and finding the courage to face my own demons.

The result was an amazing transformation in my personal life, as well as the beginning of my professional career as a counselor. As a woman who has been through divorce, I help other divorced women who struggle with loss of identity, loneliness, and shame. I guide them to building healthier relationships, finding clarity to make strong decisions, and creating a life that is untangled from the past. It’s all about freedom!

Session Cost

Sliding scale (session cost varies based on client's ability to pay)


  • Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor (license # C3710)
  • Education: M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Fox University
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