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Breathwork Workshop (February 2020)


  • Saturday February 22, 2020
  • 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • $45

Doors open 15 minutes prior to the event and close 15 minutes after the workshop starts. Please arrive on time as you will NOT be allowed in once the doors are closed.

Please avoid wearing perfumes, essential oils, scented shampoos or lotions.


Journeys… A Center for Your Soul 4400 Salem Dallas Hwy NW
Salem, OR 97304

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality that combines focused conscious breathing, chakra-attuned music, sacred art and mandala making, and personal processing to balance, heal, and restore the body and spirit.

The breath helps us move through the cycles of life – incubation, pressure, transformation, celebration and surrender. Using the power of the breath with powerful, evocative music, your soul is moved to show you the unconscious power of your inner healer (inner shaman). Everything is energy and through this modality, you experience exactly what your soul’s evolution needs at the time. It can range from divine blissful experiences, to releasing old patterns of pain and dysfunction; feelings such as grief, fear, rage and anxiety can be released from the body. All that is needed is an open heart and an open mind and you are on the road to conscious change and transformation. It is not a religious process, and everyone from all walks of life are welcome.

Are you ready to…

  • release energetic blocks and limiting beliefs?
  • heal old wounds and trauma?
  • retrieve lost or unclaimed parts of ourselves?
  • access new visions and insights?
  • uncover patterns?

… then this breathwork workshop is for you!