Time Travelers: The Mysteries of the Traumas Left in the Past | Full Series (12 Episodes)


In this 12-episode series, LCSW and Empath Lisa Solterbeck helps you delve into your traumas of the past, taking you on a journey that is both informative and healing: she teaches about the common behaviors and thought-processes that come as a result of trauma and how they hold you back from your true potential; then, she teaches you how to find, move through, and ultimately heal the pain, change your behavior and thought-patterns as you move into healthier habits, and eventually make life your heaven on earth.

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    1. Episode 1: Loneliness
      In this episode, Lisa talks about loneliness – that longing for something is pointing towards something disconnected on the inside, and how following this feeling leads you to your true worthiness.
    2. Episode 2: The Void
      In this episode, Lisa talks about The Void – the magical doorway with infinite potentials that opens when our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment – as well as showing you to how to access it.
    3. Episode 3: Trust
      In this episode, Lisa talks about how we cannot heal ourselves and our relationships without an established basis of trust. We do not trust others unless their thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are in alignment; likewise, we cannot trust ourselves unless we are also congruent in mind and action.
    4. Episode 4: How to Heal
      In this episode, Lisa talks about how to access our hidden pain, what it is, and how to deal with, move through, and ultimately heal it.
    5. Episode 5: Vulnerability
      In this episode, Lisa talks about vulnerability and our normal protective “closed” habits, and why it is necessary to be vulnerable in order to heal.
    6. Episode 6: Sensing the Unseen
      In this episode, Lisa talks about “The Unseen,” and how tapping into it by removing your blocks and learning to read the signs can bless your life.
    7. Episode 7: Loving What Is
      In this episode, Lisa talks about the role of acceptance in the process of healing; great insight and healing can come through a willingness to go through what is happening and accepting things as they are, rather than turning to the illusions and narratives that we make for ourselves.
    8. Episode 8: Integration
      In this episode, with the help of a guest, Lisa talks about split-psyches – how they are formed, how it influences are behaviors and actions, and he we can use the universal language of love to integrate them.
    9. Episode 9: Acting From Health
      In this episode, Lisa talks about how we can move into the next stage of healing by addressing maladaptive behaviors and turning them into healthy habits, as well as ways that we can seek out and obtain a healthy balance in all aspects of our lives.
    10. Episode 10: Discernment
      In this episode, Lisa talks about discernment: inner knowing sourced in genuine truth. Through correct discernment we can decipher between lies and truths, helping us follow what serves us and leading us to joy, happiness, and self-fulfillment.
    11. Episode 11: Moving Into Your Worth
      In this episode, Lisa discusses all of the ways that we try to find our worth, and how to stop getting your worth from external sources and find it within yourself.
    12. Episode 12: Making Life Your Heaven On Earth
      In this final episode, Lisa talks about the key to creating your heaven on earth; by completing your work and tending to and protecting your garden, you can manifest your dreams and do things beyond what you ever imagined.
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