The American Renaissance Tarot


Shape the narrative of your life and enchant your sense of the past with this traditional deck that blends American literature, esotericism, and Tarot. Not just a literary Tarot, it will be your guide on a journey through the alternative spiritual movements that proliferated in 19th-century America. The Major Arcana tell the two intertwined stories that define the American Renaissance period in literature: the exaltation of the human spirit under Transcendentalism, and the epic fight to abolish slavery. Listen as the Kings of the suits, Herman Melville (Wands), Frederick Douglass (Coins), Edgar Allan Poe (Swords), and Nathaniel Hawthorne (Cups), tell their tales as illustrated through the Minor Arcana. Over 30 writers are profiled in this project that expertly reveals how America’s metaphysical history is at work beneath the surface of its classic literature.

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