Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory


A quality hardcover book/card set, with 61 professionally illustrated color cards, depicting diverse historical periods, occupations, cultures and manner of termination, all designed to provoke “far memories" of both past and future incarnations. The book gives detailed instructions on how the cards are to be used to recall such far memories by following a carefully designed system embedded within this set, for which patents are pending. The chapter “The Evidence” presents solid scientific, physical and anecdotal evidence for reincarnation. A summary of quantum physics breakthroughs and their relevance to understanding this phenomenon includes quotes from such respected scientists as Planck, Einstein, Schrdinger and de Broglie. This approach provides a fresh look at the stunning implications of quantum physics for understanding the true nature of time, space, consciousness and the paranormal. By presenting a philosophical framework to bring greater clarity and understanding of reincarnational experiences, the authors enable readers independently to gain an insight into who they really are and their purpose in the universe. The set has been called “something new under the sun” by author-lecturer John Anthony West, originator of the “Age of the Sphinx” controversy, and a “stunning, consciousness-expanding work” by the renowned transpersonal psychologist and educator, Dr. Stanley Krippner, in his Foreword to the book. Suitable for readers and researchers of any age or background, it is an ideal gift for anyone of an enquiring mind that is open to a message that is far older than the pyramids, yet as new as tomorrow.

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