Garnet Frog Earrings


These detailed sterling silver frogs are symbols of transition and forward thinking.

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  • Description

    Garnet can help cleanse your body, mind, and spirit. It’s a stone that can help you achieve or regain your balance, feel safe and protected, and harness your inner strength.

    The frog as spirit animal or totem reminds us of the transient nature of our lives. As symbol of transition and transformation, this spirit animal supports us in times of change. Strongly associated with the water element, it connects us with the world of emotions and the process of cleansing, whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic.

    Note: Crystal meanings and uses are for spiritual support, and are not a prescription. Please see a doctor or other healthcare practitioner for health issues. As crystals and minerals are natural forms of the earth, they sometimes have striations, cracks, chips, or rough spots. This does not diminish from the crystal or energy, in fact, it serves as a reminder that all imperfections are indeed beautiful. Just as we all have unique markings and qualities, so do crystals.