Saraswathi with Daughter Sitting on Cow 5′ Hand-Carved Wooden Sculpture



This exquisite wooden sculpture is hand-carved using simple tools by I Love U Darling artisans, some of whom are nearly 100 years old and highly revered for their unique talents. A single wooden sculpture takes more than six months of focused and dedicated carving, allowing the completion of only two per year by each artisan. How special it is to have one of these rare masterpieces!

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  • No two statues are alike and the results are stunning. Buying one of these statues will go a long way toward supporting the livelihood of your artisan. Over the course of his time working the wood, the artisan will impart love and peace into the spirit of each statue. It is our craft. The artisans dedicate their lives to these statues.

    These remarkable and highly sought-after wooden statues, carved from India, have many known benefits and uses. They can add beauty, spirituality and calm to a chosen place by anyone who can appreciate their rare beauty and unique importance. Their merits include, but are not limited to, a strength of presence, gentle inspiration, a place of meditation, contemplation and reflection, respect and reverence, and simple joy.

    These statues can be used in places like malls, lobbies, guest houses, public parks, restaurants, boutiques, offices, gardens, the front or back side of houses, hallways, meditation places, temples or churches. They are popular with landscapers and interior designers. The statues simply bring good energy and positive vibrations.

    India and other countries in southern Asia seek the wood of the Vaagi Marai (Albizia lebbeck) trees for their medicinal qualities and herbal purposes. They are also valued as timber. This particular wood can withstand extremely cold or hot conditions, therefore making it ideal for the statues to be outside, as well as inside. Once the wood is carved, the statues are expected to last approximately 58 generations. It will become the legacy of the artisan.

    The wooden sculpture is 5 ft tall.

    Delivery to Oregon and Washington only with 15-20% delivery fee.

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