Standing Amethyst Druzy


This beautiful purple amethyst cluster is perfect for home decoration, on a nightstand, desk, or shelf. The stone pictured is the exact one you’ll receive. It has a flat (cut) base so it will stand upright easily.

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  • Place this amethyst druzy in your environment to feel its cleansing, soothing vibes while relaxing at home.

    Placing an amethyst in the living room, or anywhere in your home where people gather, helps to harmonize the different energies so everyone gets along.

    To get a restful night’s sleep and ditch anxious thoughts before bed, sleep easy with the amethyst druzy on your nightstand. Or keep the stone in your office or meditation room to help you find clarity, critically analyze your emotions, and bolster your decision making process.

  • Weight 1.29 lbs
    Dimensions 2.75 × 3.5 × 4 in