Who Are They Really?: New Approaches to Identifying UFOs, Abductions, and Extraterrestrials


Who are they really? You may be astounded to learn that UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have been visiting Earth regularly for ages—but not in the way you might think. And abductions are terrifyingly real. For a very long time, men and women have been confronted with nonhuman beings who physically abused them. Supported by previously overlooked traditional, religious, and spiritual knowledge, this first-of-its-kind study shows that abductions of human beings into UFOs are committed by beings connected to humankind. The philosophical significance of these discoveries is immense. These “space travelers,” or visitors, or kidnappers conduct themselves as neutral observers of the progress of Earth’s affairs. Even more surprising, they can be human beings like us or elementals (such as fairies and elves), and some of them live among us. His shocking, science-based analysis turns previous notions about UFOs and abductions on their head. The presence of aliens on Earth is now established—but not all aliens are extraterrestrials.
224 pages | Hardcove

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