Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings


Can the Tarot help you choose better partners? What does each card have to say about the current stage of your relationship? Now you can confront the dilemmas found in relationships and bridge Tarot meanings with perspectives in psychology. Written as a source book for advanced reading techniques, while still appropriate for the novice, Gina Thies takes Tarot to grander heights by utilizing this mystical tool for thorough relationship analysis. Card interpretations are given for specific relationship stages, such as new or established, while also offering expanded awareness for self-exploration. An overview of the occult history of Tarot and the basics of psychology are provided. You will also find solutions to some of the most common problems in relationships, along with card spreads designed specifically for readings that are unique to this system. The focus of this extensive reference book is on reading people more than reading cards. It deals with what is most probably the most popular reason someone would seek a reading – love.

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