Astral Travel Room Perfume for Meditation & Spiritual Hype


Grab your headphones, cue up some binaural beats, make a comfy nest of blankets and pillows and settle in for a trip.

Nothing quite like leaving earth to get a better perspective on life in 3D on this floating space rock, right?

This spray was created for those times that you just feel like this dense electrical meat suit is limiting your perspective and problem-solving skills…its time to take it to space!

SCENT PROFILE: Sweet sacred resins and roots with the lightest hint of ethereal floral; soft and lofty like a feather carried by the breeze.

Arrives in a clear 2oz glass mister bottle with amber and lime mica that looks a *little* like a nebula.

Some pooling of the mica is natural- its your own personal lava lamp in a bottle!

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