3rd Eye Awakening Chakra Aura Meditation Aromatherapy Mist


From the creator: Your portal of knowledge, your ability to see the unseen. Tapping into the wisdom of your 3rd eye energy is powerful stuff.

When I was initiated into Reiki healing, my 3rd eye felt like a giant hole in my forehead for WEEKS after my session. Now, when I am picking up on a lot of information, I can feel it and know to pay deep attention to what is happening in the moment.

This spray was created as an aid for you in the same process, however it may look for you and whatever methods you take to get there.

SCENT PROFILE: A temple, a church, a sacred space; incense smoke curling toward the sky, eyes closed and heart open wide.

Arrives in a clear glass mister bottle with purple and silver mica dust swirling in the bottle.

Some pooling of the mica is natural- its your own personal lava lamp in a bottle!

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