I work primarily with women who have put their own dreams on hold to do what had to be done and are demanding their turn.


Created Life Strategies

I am a Renaissance Woman, a multipotentialite who has been told her whole life what to do, how to do it and for how long. I hated it, I never felt like what I wanted mattered or was available. Until the age of 45. At that point my universe crashed and burned and I found myself alone, bereft of family, future, possibility and identity. I teach you how to overcome shoulds and ought to’s, so you can triumph over past experiences, and discover how to shift from surviving to thriving.

My parents had planned and informed me that I would be secure and taken care of with their legacy until the day I died. I’d have financial security from their investments and a home to live in. From the time I was a little girl, I was taken to appointments so I would know what to do, how to do it and who to do it with when they were gone. Then, when my mother passed away (my father had preceded her a few years before), I was disinherited and given 12 hours to get out of the home with nothing but the clothes I could wear or carry.

What to do? I no longer knew who I was, what role I should play in the world, in life or in anything. I went from a fairly affluent lifestyle to living on the streets in the space of a breath. Everything I had been led to believe would be in place for my future, that had been planned and set it place was gone. Just gone.

Losing everything that way can put a serious damper on your enthusiasm for continuing to exist, I can tell you. But I found my Self, my passion, and my possibility and created a life I am thrilled to wake up to every morning. And that’s what I help others do, too.

In 1997, I came up with the premise that we start our lives on autopilot doing what we’ve been taught/told to do without question. As we grow up, the conditioning doesn’t go away even if we learn things are different. We still follow ought tos and shoulds. And we do it unconsciously. It occurred to me we weren’t living on autopilot, we were living on oughta pilot.

Sometimes, things happen to us. These events either destroy us or strengthen us and give us a place from which to begin. We can start again on our paths at any given moment with the right tools. I can provide those tools.

I help Disappointed Dreamers pick their butts up off the floor and fly. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re willing to work hard on yourself and create a life you love, you don’t mind a little snark, a little rough language and having fun along the way, I’m your gal!

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